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Predstaveni - "Who is who":
I've never called any of my dogs by their registered names, so to make clear who's who in the pictures I'll use nicknames (Dracek, Nastenka, Boominka) together with the registered names.

Foto - Photos:

Dag - Dag Dramijos (Drak, Dracek), male - CAJC, BOB, Res.CAC, born under the sign of the Bull, May 19th 1997.
Father: Blek Hurako, Mother: Aura Dramijos
Breeder: Milan Srsen, Rychnov nad Kneznou
Drak is the great big cuddly giant of his pack. He eats everything and is not picky. As a guard dog, he is totally incorruptible. He can usually be found calmly observing everything that's going on from his favourite lookout post, but if he decides that something requires his attention, he moves incredibly fast.

Elen - Elen Dramijos (Nastenka), female - 2x CAC CR, 1x CACIB, 3x Res. CAC - born under the sign of the Lion, August 2nd 1997.
Father: Kuzja m. Morscagin, (import USSR), Mother: Masa m. Jastrebov, (import USSR)
Breeder: Milan Srsen, Rychnov nad Kneznou
Nastenka can be a little monster. She has chosen my husband for her master, and she is extremely protective of him. She eats everything, but her favourite treats are Linz cookies with marmalade. While guarding she enjoys hearing herself so much that she is able to bark for hours. But when it is necessary she can be very dangerous, and in fact is much sharper than Drak. Eye contact doesn't bother her and even my close friends are not comfortable in her company.

Basa - Basa Elbrus Chan ([Boominka) - 2x CAJC, 2x CAC CR,1x CACIB, N.CH., 1x BOB - born under the sign of the Ram, April 14th 2000.
Father: Athanaz Batorfia-Örzö (Hungary), mother: Tana Anufrieva (Ukraine)
Breeder: Milos Supuka, Kosice, SK
Boominka, the youngest one, is my most cuddly puppy. She doesn't have any favourite meal or treat, she likes anything that the other dogs eat. In her opinion Dracek and Nastenka are always getting the best cookies and in their dishes they have the juiciest pieces of meat, and even their water tastes better. She is learning from the others how to guard.

On 19 October 2002 Boominka met the conditions to be a breeding dog. The Quality Committee has not found any mistakes on her, a character exam has been passed excellently - she has learnt from older dogs well how a right Caucasian dog guards.

Skupinove - Pack:
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and the same can be said for my dogs!
Here are few photos from their social life. You can see not only Dracek, Nastenka and Boominka, but also the old "caretaker" of my dogs the Airedale terrier Ajvik (unfortunately he is not with us any more). My husband Jirka, who is spoiling them (Nastenka especially) is there too, and so am I (not always in the most dignified position).

Stenata vrh "A" - Puppy litter "A":
Father: Anndys. Hairy bear dark, wolf-gray, shoulder height 78 cm - KVM, CAJC, excellent.
Grandfather: Derri m. Dubrovina, imp. Russia - black, gray, white, shoulder height 72 cm - CAC
Grandmother: Agata Udoli Vrchlice - wolf-gray, shoulder height 72 cm - champion of Czech Republic
Mother: Elen Dramijos (Nastenka) - fair hair, shoulder height 69 cm - CACIB, CAC, R.CAC
Grandfather: Kuzja m. Morscagin, imp. Russia - red, shoulder height 80 cm - CAC, National champion.
Grandmother: Masa m. Jastrebov, imp. Russia - rusty, shoulder height 68 cm - Winner of class.

Koho hlidame - Who we look after: Deer:
Caucasians dogs love work, and I keep them really busy. They are doing the work that they were bred for - guarding livestock. From the aerial pictures you can see that our farm is pretty big. The whole livestock enclosure is surrounded by a fenced corridor in which the dogs are free to roam through the night. Currently they guard about 60 deer.

Kolegove - Colleagues:

Kavkazska smes, Vase prispevky a - Other Caucasian dogs:
In these sections are some other dogs owned by my colleagues. Here you will see again how wonderful and varied are the Caucasian shepherds.

Katalog chovnych psu - Breeder's window:
There was a disappointment in the beginning. I have settled "wedding" of my male dog "Dracek" with the owner of a female dog, then we have realized that our darlings had been relatives and there was no more looking forward to. In the course of time there was an increasing number of these cases. Moreover, the owners of female dogs contacted me if I knew about a dog that would not be a relative of theirs.
And as I have found out in the meantime that Caucasian dog is the right breed for me that I will never leave, I started to map the Caucasian gender in the Czech Republic. It is not an easy task at all and it is far away from being ready. I collect pedigrees of dogs, the older, the better, photos of dogs and information used here is taken out from the Magazines of KRAoOP (Club of Russian and Asian Shepherd Dogs/Ovtcharka) and KKPP (Club of Caucasian Dogs). My private database contains so far over a thousand of male and female dogs.
Let me introduce the breeding male dogs from the very beginning till the "fresh" breeding ones in this Breeder's Window. I would like to thank you very much to Monika Svarcova, Tereza Vojtova and Jana Smrzova who lent their photos of dogs into this archive. And now something to the list itself. Dogs are ranked according to the year of birth. Their parents are stated there with the breeding code if I know it and with exhibition titles that will be up-dated.